Why you will love our platform

Advanced API connectivity for menu creation and customisations

Menu builder, web-based GUI for creating custom menu navigation

Single connection to all the operators in
a country

Multiple billing options (Free, Per Session and Day pass)

Reach customers
you never have.

Bring added value to your brand name

Single connection to all mobile networks

Lower your communication costs

Increase customer loyalty

Our Solution

Fonetwish is our proprietary USSD platform, which enables users to access content on the internet on mobile, without an internet connection. Fonetwish caters to millions of users on every continent in the world, in 7 international languages, adding over a million new users every month. Fonetwish is used by over 50 of the world's largest mobile carrier groups to provide a variety of services to their users, like Facebook and Twitter, which would otherwise be inaccessible due to dependence on a data connection.

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