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Create Appclose

  • User can make both Static and Dynamic apps
  • For Static app creation, user to define the app flows on the Fonetwish UI and provide appropriate links to complete the flow
  • User needs to add dynamic URL of the API in the header part in screen ID 1_1
  • User needs to have a Web Service / Servlet whose API can be hit to get the response in real time
  • When dynamic data is requested, a HTTP request is sent to the mentioned server at the specified port
  • Fonetwish platform will process the request and send a response in JSON format. Please check API document for JSON based response format
  • When app has been developed, it has to be “Saved” on the platform
  • All steps need to be followed for saving the app successfully

Test Appclose

  • Click on the ‘Test’ button to run Online testing on app, so as to clear the mandatory test cases before submitting it for publishing
  • Only once mandatory test cases have been cleared, you can publish the app


  • Before publishing the app, user needs to deploy his app either on his own server (which can be accessed over internet) or deploy it on Staging server
  • Every app with dynamic URL built on Fonetwish platform needs to host the Web Application / Servlet either on his own server ( which can be accessed over internet) or deploy it on staging server and ensure that the domain name or IP address mentioned does not change.
  • Static apps can be published directly after testing.

  • Prerequisite for the apps:
    Install Java:
    Install Apache maven:
    Install Apache Tomcat:

    Steps for hosting:
    • Create a maven dynamic web project.
    • User can use Java Servlet with any mvc framework like struts2 or Spring mvc.
    • Add required dependencies into pom.xml file.
    • Define servlet in web.xml and map sevlet name with url.
    • In case of spring mvc, user can use DispatcherServlet.
    • Define a Controller class which is responsible for processing user requests and return response based on request.
    • Controller class should be map with unique url.
    • Request and response format has been define in Fonetwish API document.
    • After successfully development and testing of project, create WAR file for the same:
      • Open command prompt and navigate to root directory of project.
      • Run command: mvn clean install
      • Now war file has been created in target directory inside project root directory.
    • Copy war file into webapps directory of tomcat.
    • Start tomcat.

Publish Appmore_vert

Publish your app to go Live

Publish Appclose

  • User to submit his app for review to admin by Publishing the app
  • Once submitted, no changes can be made to the app
  • If successfully published, the user can see the status in App Status
  • If rejected, the user will be notified with the suggestive corrections. The user can then edit the app and re submit.
  • If the app is made for any Publisher, then the Publisher needs to Publish the same from his own App status tab
  • Once made live, user can monitor the traffic on the app using analytics function on Fonetwish